Apple Power Mac G4 Cube

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Apple Power Mac G4 Cube.jpg
Apple Power Mac G4 Cube
Specs: CPU: PowerPC G4 @ 450Mhz
RAM: 192MB
Disk: Unknown GB
CD-Drive: 5x DVD-ROM
Airport: No
Date of entry: 2020/09/30
Status: In Collection
Condition: Good
Identifier: Serial: CK110HLVKBJ
Notes: Minor crack around the metal pins on top
Location: Box 3


The Power Mac G4 Cube was introduced on the 19th of July, 2000 by Steve Jobs.

Although the device received great praise for its design, it went out of production less then a year after it was introduced.
Suffering from issues such as cracks that would develop in the casing and failing to find a large enough of an audience caused it to be considered a commercial failure.

An estimated 150,000 units were sold in its lifespan.

The Power Mac G4 Cube is listed in the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA)


Maintenance log

  • 2020/10 - Removed Battery