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Inventory Item: "Box 3"
Last checkup: 2020/10/17
Status: In Storage
Location: Storage 2
Notes: The box itself should be replaced (damaged)



Booklets and papers:

  • Apple Keyboard II warranty and Packing List booklets
  • Millies math house and Thinking' things collection 2 booklet (NL)
  • Dantz DiskFit Direct flyer
  • Morton Subotnick's Making Music User Guide
  • New Grolier Multimedia Encyclopedia User Guide
  • Apple Certificate/Booklet bundle containing:
    • Apple Stylewriter packaging list and Cartridge handling instructions
    • Empty Authorized Apple Dealer warranty Registration sheet (Including green and pink copy)
    • Empty Authorized Apple Dealer warranty Registration sheet (Including green and pink copy) (NL)
    • Apple Macintosh 12" RGB Display Packing list and German Safety certificate / information
    • Apple Warranty booklet
    • Apple License Agreement booklet
    • Macintosh LC Packing list
    • Apple Local distributers paper
  • QuarkXPress Windows booklet
  • Macintosh PowerBook 5300 series User's Guide
  • Apple Power Mac G4 installation booklet (NL)
  • Apple Macintosh Color Display sealed plastic with User's Guide and warranty information
  • Logitech Scanman Addendum booklet (v2.1)
  • Logitech Scanman Gray Scale Scanner User's Guide
  • HP DeskWriter C Installation Guide (NL)
  • HP DeskWriter C User's Manual (NL)
  • Apple Macintosh User's Guide (System 7.1) (NL)
  • Apple Warranty booklet
  • Apple Getting Started with Macintosh Manual (Ring-binder) (NL)
  • Apple Macintosh User's Manual, for Macintosh desktop computers (Ring-binder) (NL)
  • Apple Macintosh Getting started with the Apple Macintosh IIsi (NL)
  • Wacom Ultrapad Manual for Macintosh
  • Apple Home Learning WiggleWorks User's guide
  • Apple WiggleWorks Peanut Butter Rhino Activity Card
  • Apple WiggleWorks Birds On Stage Activity Card
  • Apple WiggleWorks Frog's Lunch Activity Card
  • Apple Performa Display User's Guide
  • Apple Macintosh ED Addendum (NL), folded in booklet:
    • Apple Computer Marketing B.V. Garantie Registratiekaart (Including Green and Pink copy) (NL)
    • Apple 3.5 Drive Packing List
    • Apple Macintosh ED Packing List
  • Apple Getting Started with the Macintosh Performa 400 Series Booklet (NL)
  • Apple 3.5 Drive Owner's Guide
  • Apple Macintosh User's Manual for Macintosh performa computers (NL)
  • Aldus FreeHand Commercial Printing Guide Booklet
  • Aldus FreeHand Getting Started (Ring-Binder)
  • Apple ImageWriter II Owner's Manual (Ring-Binder)
  • Apple Macintosh Plus Owner's Guide (Ring-Binder) (NL)
  • Apple Macintosh Plus Owner's Guide (Ring-Binder) (NL) (Yes, two times)
  • Apple 3.5 Drive Owner's Guide (Ring-Binder)