Inventory:Box 11

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Inventory Item: "Box 11"
Last checkup: 2020/11/07
Status: In Storage
Location: Storage 2
Notes: None



  • Apple StyleWriter (Identifier: AGB80815)
    • Stylewriter paper "rack"
    • Stylewriter power adapter
  • Apple AppleDesign Keyboard (Identifier: AL63410H3H4)
  • Apple Desktop Bus Mouse II (Identifier: MB6451L0T18)
  • 5.25" DVR-107PB Internal DVD drive (Apple) (Identifier: DEDL088694WL)
  • 5.25" Sony CRX155E CD-R/RW Internal drive (Apple) (Identifier: 7043039)
  • Mirror 01-MIR1155A (Identifier: 0042736, possible external SCSI hard drive?)
    • Unknown 3 pin to Floppy port (Macintosh 512k/plus like?) for use with Mirror drive
  • Apple Keyboard (Identifier: KY54800CKUBAA)
  • Seikosha GP-50S (Identifier: 0001977)


  • PATA Cable (With angle in cable, unknown device? Maybe for Mac Pro?)
  • Power cable Schuko CEE7/7 <-> C13 (Black)
  • SCSI (Centronics, 50-pin, male) to SCSI (Centronics, 50-pin, female)
  • Apple 590-0305-B SCSI (Centronics, 50-pin male) to DB-25