Apple Powerbook Duo 230

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Apple Powerbook Duo 230
Specs: CPU: Motorola 68030 @ 33Mhz
RAM: Unknown
Display: 9.1" 640x400 (4-bit grayscale)
Disk: Unknown SCSI
Floppy: None (Exterrnal)

Keyboard: International English
Date of entry: Unknown
Status: In Collection
Condition: Bad
Identifier: Serial: CK31008RC77
Notes: Working Charger Absent
Minor Damage to LCD screen
Keyboard bad (Input missing)
Location: Storage 1





Maintenance log

  • 09/2020 - While working on the battery, the charger exploded and started to smoke. I do not have a replacement. I will open up the charger and replace what's necessary at some point