Apple Extended Keyboard II

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Apple Extended Keyboard II.jpg
Apple Extended Keyboard II
Specs: Layout: International English
Key count: 106 (including power)
Connection: ADB (Mini-DIN-4)
Date of entry: 2020/09/12
Status: In Collection
Condition: Good
Identifier: Serial: AL7094JKM3501Z
Notes: In original box, never used
Location: Storage 1


The Apple Extended Keyboard II was introduced on the 15th of October, 1990 and replaced the earlier version of the Extended Keyboard.
It uses Alps mechanical switches on all keys, including power and offers a physically locking caps lock key.

On the 14th of March 1994 the keyboard was discontinued

A selection of Apple Extended Keyboard II's do not use Alps switches, but instead use Mitsumi switches. I have not removed a keycap to verify if this item uses Alps or Mitsumi switches.