Inventory:Box 24

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Inventory Item: "Box 24"
Last checkup: 2021/05/09
Status: In Storage
Location: Storage 2
Notes: None




  • Fujitsu M2622SA SCSI drive (State: Broken, Reverse polarity damage (Motor driver bad? Keeps spinning faster and faster, IC gets very hot)
  • Fujitsu M2694SA SCSI drive (State: Broken, Read/Write errors when accessing device)
  • Fujitsu M2624SA SCSI drive (State: Bad, Some bad sectors on drive)
  • IBM(?) 55F9902 1GB(?) SCSI drive (State: Untested, case cracked, suffered shipping damaged likely)
  • Psion Money for Psion Series 3a (Boxed)
  • Macintosh Quadra 900 HDD/FDD bracket (805-5050-A) (State: HDD part of bracket bent due to shipping damage, FDD looks intact, still mounted on bracket, screws and FDD cable included)
  • Psion MC200/400 programming manual
  • Adobe Acrobat 6.0 Standard Boxed (For Windows)
  • Pieces of plastic that came off the Apple Macintosh Quadra 900 with Identifier CK2050KT210 (Might just throw out?)