Inventory:Box 2

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Inventory Box 2.jpg
Inventory Item: "Box 2"
Last checkup: 2020/10/17
Status: In Storage
Location: Storage 2
Notes: None


  • Flying Colours Deluxe (CD, Boxed)
  • Informer Compact Basis Boekhouden & Telebankieren (CD, Boxed)
  • Casady & Greene Inc. SoundJam MP (CD, Boxed)
  • Custom Applications Inc. Freedom Of Press v3.0.3 Light 800k Mac (Boxed)
  • Apple Macintosh MacPaint 800k Mac NL (Boxed)
  • Apple Macintosh MacWrite 800k Mac NL (Boxed)
  • Adobe Illustrator v6.0 for Mac (Boxed)
  • Adobe ActionPack for Mac (Boxed)
  • Adobe Illustrator v7.0 (CD + Booklet, in ActionPack box)
  • Adobe Illustrator v5.0 for Mac (Boxed)
  • Insignia SoftPC for Mac (Boxed)
  • Roxio Toast 5 Titanium for Mac (Boxed)
  • Microsoft Office:Mac 2004 Student and Teacher Edition (Boxed)