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Inventory Item: "Box 19"
Last checkup: 2021/01/09
Status: In Storage
Location: Storage 2
Notes: None



  • Daystar Turbo 040 Accelerator card
    • Daystar Turbo 040 Instruction booklet (EN)
    • Daystar Turbo 040 Installation floppy
  • Stratos Technology Macintosh SE/30 PDS Extension card
  • NewerTech MAXpowr Nubus G3-240 Accelerator card (For Macintosh 7100/8100)


  • 3M 128MB Magneto Optical Disk
  • Sony 230MB Magneto Optical Disk
  • Verbatim 128MB Magneto Optical Disk
  • 3x Magneto Optical Disk case

Box is a Large Dell box.