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Inventory Item: "Box 18"
Last checkup: 2023/12/29
Status: In Storage
Location: Storage 1
Notes: None



  • Apple Macintosh IIci (Identifier: CK037185735)
  • Apple Macintosh Portrait Display (Identifier: HT9463HNM0404)
  • Psion 3a (Identifier: FGB4333244) (Boxed)
    • Psion Series 3 Euro Mains Adapter (Boxed)
    • Psion Series 3 information booklet (NL)
  • Daystar Turbo 601 PPC Accelerator card (Boxed)
  • [[Apple Desktop Bus Mouse II] (Identifier: LI3482UDT18)


  • Macintosh Portrait Monitor card (Identifier: BL9025591, Possibly not working)

(After inspection, I couldn't find this card in this box anymore, either I've missed it or it's been moved since?)


  • Moveable Monitor stand (Generic)
  • Apple Macintosh Portrait Display Cable (DB13W3 <--> DB13W3, monochrome only)
  • Apple Macintosh Portrait Display Cable (DB13W3 monochrome --> DA-15)
  • MediaVision PAS16 PatchPanel
  • Schuko CEE7/7 <-> C13 Power cord (Black)
  • Power cable (IEC-60320-C13 <-> IEC-60320-C14) (Light grey)

Box is a Large Dell box, Psion is packed inside a USPS box.