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Inventory Item: "Box 16"
Last checkup: 2020/11/29
Status: In Storage
Location: Storage 2
Notes: None



  • Fujica Fujicascope M2 single8 projector (Identifier: 358560, missing AC cable)
  • Tacnon Sound707 Sound Projector (Identifier: 81238091)

Plastic bag:

  • Apple USB Keyboard (Green) (Identifier: NK00800LBH6N
  • Apple USB Mouse (Green) (Identifier: LC94306FRH6U)

Cardbox box:

  • Apple Wired Mini Keyboard (Identifier: 33916A0Y34L5A)
  • Ioptinet USB Optical Internet Mouse (Identifier: 307872)


Plastic bag:

  • Quake II for Macintosh (CD)
  • Apple Transparent Power-cord for iMac G3 (CEE7/7 <-> C13)
  • iMac G3 User's Guide

Cardbox box:

  • Apple 590-2286 Firewire cord
  • Power-cord black (CEE7/7 <-> C13)
  • Ethernet cable 2 meter CAT.6
  • Sealed Maxell CD-RW disk
  • iMac G3 recovery CDs in apple booklets

Box has some free space, may take more items