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  • Microsoft BASIC Interpreter for Mac (Booklet + software on floppy + Toolbox Reference)
  • Adobe Wild Type for Mac (Typeface on Floppy, Boxed)
  • Adobe TypeAlign for Mac (Boxed)
  • Adobe Plus Pack for Mac (Typefaces, Boxed)
  • Adobe Type Set 2 for Mac (Typefaces, Boxed)
  • Mainstay Capture 3.0 for Mac (Boxed)
  • Addison-Wesley Alles voor Internet Macintosh Editie (CD)
  • LezerDisc 5 (CD)
  • Paramount Interactive Mega Rock Rap'N roll for Macintosh (CD)
  • ANWB Campingselect 2006 (CD)
  • Morton Subotnick's Making Music (CD)
  • Roxio Toast 10 Titanium Pro (CD)
  • Corel Painter Classic (CD)
  • LaCie Storage Utilities v1.1 (With Silverling Pro and SilverKeeper 1.1.1) (CD)
  • LaCie Optical User's Manuals v.6 (CD)
  • LaCie Roxio Toast (v. 5.1.4L, Mac) (Easy CD Creator v5.3, Win) (CD)
  • The Learning Company Kids Studio for Mac (CD)
  • The Learning Company Kids Studio for Mac (CD) (Yes, 2 times)
  • Unofficial burned Mac OS 10.5 DVD (CD)
  • IBM World Book for Mac (691-2268A, Disc 1 v1.0) (CD)
  • IBM World Book for Mac (691-2269A, Disc 2 v1.0) (CD)
  • The 1995 Grolier Multimedia Encyclopedia for Mac (CD)
  • Apple iMovie (CD)
  • Jump! Software Inc Concertware Personal Edition (CD + Booklet EN)
  • Electronic Arts 3D Atlas for Mac (v1.1) (CD + Booklet EN)
  • Route 66 Routeplanner for Macintosh and Windows (v1.5.1) (CD + Booklet NL)
  • Route 66 Benelux (Missing CD/Floppy?, Boxed)
  • Russell Chun Flash voor Windows en Macintosh (Book, with CD)
  • Highware PopupFolder for Mac (Boxed)
  • Norton AntiVirus for Mac v6.0 (Boxed)
  • Aldus Personal Press for Mac v1.0 (Boxed)
  • Apple AppleWorks 6 (Boxed)
  • The Disney Collection Screen saver. for Mac (Boxed)
  • IMSI Clipart&More (CD, Boxed)
  • The Norton Utilities for Mac v2.0 (Boxed)
  • Norton AntiVirus for Mac v8.0 (Boxed)
  • Norton SystemTools Pro for Mac v2.0 (Boxed)
  • Claris MacWrite Pro for Mac (Boxed)
  • Microsoft Word for Mac v6.0 (Boxed)
  • Frame FrameMaker for Mac v3.0 (Boxed)
  • WordPerfect for Mac (v2.0.2) (Boxed)