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|identifier='''Serial:''' SG6191305P
|identifier='''Serial:''' SG6191305P
|notes=Used, Boxed, Untested
|notes=Used, Boxed, Untested
|location=Storage 1
|location=Storage 2

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HP Deskwriter 660C
Specs: Technology: Ink-jet
Type: B/W or colour
Resolution: 600 DPI B/W / 600x300 DPI Colour
Speed: 4 pages per minute (B/W)
0.6 pages per minute (Colour)
Weight: 5.3kg
Date of entry: 2021/03/20
Status: In Collection
Condition: Alright
Identifier: Serial: SG6191305P
Notes: Used, Boxed, Untested
Location: Storage 2